Venus Pluto Conjunction 16th Nov 2013

Venus will be meeting up with Pluto at 9 degrees 46 minutes Capricorn on Saturday November 16 2013  - exact at 8.44am Australian Eastern Daylight Time. In astrological terms this is called a conjunction.

What does this mean for you?

Whenever two or more planets come together you have a blending of the energies but as different planets have different personalities and power it's not always a clean blend. In this case, Pluto (as an outer planet) definitely holds the upper hand and will act strongly upon Venus.

I have attached a small keyword chart to help but basically our sense of values, love, self esteem, sensuality, harmony, money and relationships are going to come up against the Great Transformer of the Zodiac. Pluto is like the God of the Underworld or a Mafia boss - he does not always play nice but he gets the job done which is mostly to pull stuff out of the subconscious or conscious awareness.

The planets are meeting in Capricorn which is all about the use of resources, hard work, discipline and responsibility.

Venus Pluto Conjunction

Possible scenarios

It's impossible to say how any one individual will react to a transit - it all depends on their own individual astrological make up, that is the planets in their natal chart. For people who have a strong Venus then this transit will be strong. Alternatively if you have a planet at 9 or 10 degrees (or even anywhere from 6 - 13 degrees) of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra then you will also feel this more especially if they are personal planets.

Issues around how we take responsibility for money or relationships will come to the fore - deep emotions may be triggered around this. It may be that we experience someone bullying or taking what is ours or wanting to take what is ours forcibly.

We may come to a realisation around situations where we have been allowing people to walk all over us or abuse us, or how we don't take responsibility for our own well being and self worth.

I just came across this article in the news via Twitter about "40 Gunmen Armed with Assault Rifles Terrorize Gun Control Group at a Texas Restaurant" - The Gun control group were 4 women (mothers) concerned about gun control after the attack on Newtown school last year. This is a more extreme example of how it could play out.

Or maybe you'll just go to a really intense party, where everyone overindulges, gets into a big fight and wakes up with a terrible hangover.

As you can see from the keywords - these planets cover a wide range of experiences and each of us are individual.

As Venus symbolises women, it will affect women more. So tread lightly while all this is going on, avoid conflict if you can and if you are feeling particularly intense - look to the keywords and see what issues are being triggered for you.

By Nadia MacLeod