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Lunar ready Reckoner

With the Lunar Phase Ready Reckoner you can find out

  • when the lunar phases are happening this month
  • what the lunar phases will look like in your hemisphere

If you want to find out why you need to know about lunar phases go here.

For easy of use we have divided the ready reckoner into Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. The reason for this is because the lunar phases will appear differently in the sky according to which side of the world you live on.

Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere

How to use The Ready Reckoner

If you know your natal lunar phase, simply find when it falls during the month.

Note down this day and observe where this phase falls in your menstrual cycle.

Then you can guage where you are according to the moon cycle patters and you'll be able to ascertain whether your hormonal menstrual cycle is in synch with you natural lunar rhythm. That is, are you ovulating in sync with your natal lunar phase.

For example, lets say your natal lunar phase is 15 degrees 25 minutes which corresponds to the New Moon phase. You would look at the table for the month you want and find the closest degree and day where you moon phase occurs. Observe if you do ovulate around that day or not!

If you are not in synch, don't doesn't really matter unless you want to be and if you do want to be, simply start observng the moon and maintain an awareness of when your natal lunar phase falls so that your body gets used to the idea. With a liitle positive suggestion and desire it is possible to synchronise your cycle.

Please note: Do not use these tables to either avoid or achieve conception, or in the place of properly calculated individual fertile phase charts. No responsibility can be taken by for the misuse of this service.

By Nadia MacLeod