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Winalite Love Moon Pads

Winalite Love Moon Day Pads offer you vastly superior comfort and protection and are the biodegradable disposable pad choice. They are good for you and good for the planet. In fact once you try these you wont use your old brand ever again - period!

Check out the video below which shows a comparison between Love Moon Pads and other brands - it's quite amazing.

Now personally I was very sceptical when I was told about Love Moon. I am a dedicated advocate of the re-usable cloth pad option and have not used disposables for years. I dislike disposables with a passion. So I was not really keen to try these, I didn't believe the claims and I didn't really care. But the guy who had contacted me about them was very persistent and in the end I said "sure send me a sample" - thinking to myself, I'll just try them to get this guy off my back. Well, once I tried them I was amazed at how comfortable, odourless and absorbent they were. I literally forgot I was wearing them. This put me in a dilemna morally because how could I now promote a disposable pad - well, I haven't given up on my cloth pads because they are still the best option ecologically but if you choose to use disposables - maybe cloth just isn't your thing, or you spend alot of time out and about, then try Winalite Love Moon Pads - they are the best by far as far as disposables go and you will be very comfortable and happy with your choice.

Why are Love Moon Pads different?

Love Moon 7 Layers Diagram


Love Moon

Other Brands


Soft and comfortable non-woven fiber surface with twice the absorption capability.

Surface of artificial fiber or rough surface


Patented Anion strip works naturally to help alleviate menstrual discomfort.

No patented Anion strip available.

3 and 5

Sterilized, dust-free paper to wrap absorbent polymer

Paper pulp from recycled items whose chemical processes include substances that could lead to bacterial and germ infestation.


Super absorbent crystal-like particles lock in twice the moisture to keep surface dry.

Not able to hold as much fluid.  This could cause leakage.


Breathable, water resistant bottom layer helps eliminate moisture and heat to keep you fresh.

Plastic layer that traps moisture and humidity creating an uncomfortable environment.


Specially designed non-toxic adhesive.

Uses an industrial-based adhesive that may cause irritation to the skin.