"HI Nadia, Thanks again for my new Pleasure Puss Pads, I have now had a chance to try it out... I found the 'puss' to be lighter and less bulky ... It was certainly more absorbent and I felt very comfortable wearing it. Then came the cleanup ... soaked in cold water and thrown in the wash with everything else it came up without a stain ... it looked brand new again"
H Hodson Australia

"Hi Nadia, it was as if my body knew that something special had arrived. I used the cloth pads last week and they were great especially the soft flannlette one! I am suprised at how much blood comes out of them. There is a bit of extra 'maintenance' work involved - the washing, soaking, squeezing and drying but it's the whole process that is important and integral to our menstral cycle. I feel and my body feels more loved because of this attention. It's not just about having your period and throwing out the used pads. Now it's my monthly ritual! "
P Maul Australia

I love my Pleasure Puss pads.  They are so easy to wash.  I  bought acontainer to soak them in the bathroom and then straight into the washing machine.  Can't get much easier than that. Sue Johnson


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