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Moon Rites

Spiraldancer has researched ancient rites and goddess myths, created some new ones and talked to inspiring women of all ages, collecting goddess wisdom for the modern world. The result is a melting pot of ritual, myth and magic. She combines stories from modern women with traditional healing wisdom to nourish the body, mind and spirit.

Listen to the whisper of the Moon Goddess, the one who ebbs and flows with the tides. The threads of wisdom and grace that honoured and affirmed her existence were once passed down through generations of women ---- from grandmother to mother to daughter -- as story, myth, ritual and healing lore...

Moon Rites presents the aspects of the Triple Goddess -- the Maiden, Mother and Crone -- examining how they relate to the three stages of womanhood: menstruation, motherhood and menopause.

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You'll find suggestions and advice about:

moon rites to perform alone or with others, for each stage of your cycle or each phase of your life

Illustrated throughout, Moon Rites is a perfect gift and keepsake for every modern moon goddess. Journal pages provide space for you to write about your experiences, thoughts and feelings at different times of your lunar cycle.

SPIRALDANCER lives with her husband and two daughters in Northern New South Wales, Australia. She is a freelance writer specialising in women's spirituality, Wicca, myth, ritual and alternative healing. Her work is regularly published in "Witchcraft" Magazine, Australia and on this website.

Written by Nadia MacLeod