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Casual Arch Support Insoles for low heeled dress and casual shoes

"Footlogics Casual" removeable orthotic insoles are a three quarter length orthotic arch support, suitable for any type of mens footwear and wider fitting womens footwear eg, loafers or moccasins. They are an easy and cost-effective solution to heel pain, knee pain, back pain or tired, aching feet and legs.

Footlogics Casual features Dual Layer Orthotic Technology - i.e. supportive medium-density EVA, combined with a soft 2mm Durapontex layer makes this a very comfortable orthotic insoles, providing support AND cushioning!

The diagram below shows how the insoles provide support for the foot arch and re-align the lower leg reducing fatigue. This process also supports the whole of the body stimulating healthier posture and spine alignment.

Footlogics removeable arch support insoles support arches to reduce leg fatique, aches and pain

Footlogics Casual Shoe Inserts provide effective relief for -

The Footlogics Casual Biomechanical Orthotic Insert for mens and womens shoes is engineered to suit the human body. They are

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