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Prolonging Fertility

It is a fact that many women are choosing to have babies later in life. However as some women have already discovered, getting pregnant is not always as easy as they thought it would be, which is somewhat of a cruel joke, considering how much time and effort most women spend trying not to get pregnant.

As women exercise more choice and control over their fertility, every woman needs to be aware that not all contraceptive and lifestyle choices are equal in ensuring that your body will be in an optimum fertile state when you need it to be. And the older you get the more important it becomes to start taking active fertility protection measures. Some of these measures are:

That's basically it - all the things that contribute to a happy healthy body will ensure that your body remains in tip top shape fertility wise.

I gratefully acknowledge the book "Stay Fertile Longer" by Mary Kittel as a source of inspiration for this months newsletter. I found it at my local library yesterday and it provides lots of good detailed informtion. We hope to stock the book onsite in the next month or so.