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Barrier Methods

Male Condoms are a thin latex type tube (with one end closed) that a man wears on his erect (hard) penis during sexual intercourse.

Benefits of the condom:

Their only drawback is that sometimes people feel that it interrupts the flow of sexual expression. This can ve avoided if you make condoms a habit and include their use as a sensual and fun part of sex. Get creative with it.

For condoms to be really effective in preventing pregnancy - they need to be used properly.


Female Condoms

Female condoms are a polyurethane sheath that are inserted into the vagina creating a barrier so sperm cannot get into the vagina and uterus.

Effective against pregnancy when used correctly 98%. Advantages of the female condom include:

Some disadvantages are:


Diaphragms are a soft latex rubber cup shaped objecty that are inserted into the vagina so that they fit over the cervix. Diaphragms stop sperm from getting into the cervix. The diaphragm needs to be sized and fitted by a doctor. It is recommended that the diaphragm is used with spermicide but studies have shown using spermcide does not significantly increase effectiveness.

Advantages are:


Cervical Caps

Cervical caps are smaller than diaphragms and a different shape. Cervical caps fit over the cervix and prevent sperm from entering the cervix.

They are generally about 90% effective (when used properly) and are suitable for women who can't wear diaphragms.